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My coach is a great mentor. The fact alone that I grew my money during the six weeks we conferenced is testimony to this. The first thing he showed me was what “Expectancy” is and how to use it in the markets. 

This tool is invaluable in assessing the risk/reward parameters you use because you can see every day how each trade influences your “expectancy”, or what you can “expect” to make each trade. 

You become very aware of the influence of a large loss. So you keep your risk low, not because of some rule you read but because you actually see how it affects what you can expect to do in the market. But I think the most valuable thing I got out of our sessions was self-confidence. 

His easygoing manner and his willingness to engage in in-depth conversation was very encouraging. A good system is one thing. But without the confidence and discipline to apply what you know it is useless. This is just what I needed and I believe I got it from my coach.

Mike T

I became interested in investing late in life – before that my father handled everything for me through his own broker. Then I started reading investment news and advisories via the internet and became interested. I was intrigued by the idea of a private teacher and mentor – and that is what I got with this program. 

The program comprises two basic elements — a series of 1 on 1 hourly sessions once a week and very valuable hourly impromptu sessions (that we originate when we want them) with one of the instructors via the “resource line” – this gives you a chance on a one-on-one basis to go over your charts and proposed trades and catch any mistakes before you make a trade. 

I have interacted with many of their teachers, not only my personal tutor — they are all great, friendly, go out of their way to be helpful, and are real trading masters.

Alan Wagshal 

I have been handling my own investments for many years. Although I was not satisfied with my results, I had reservations about undertaking a coaching program. I have always felt that if someone really knew how to be successful in the markets, they would not be sharing it with others. This is not the case with this program. 

The course is providing the knowledge that I lacked to be able to produce consistent results. And the program is designed to benefit investors of all experience levels. My coach has been a great pleasure to work with; knowledgeable, personable and articulate. His input is helping me develop a way to use analytical tools and strategies in a trading approach that can work for me. 

What I will take away from the experience is the satisfaction that I can handle my own investments, and in a way that suits my own style and makeup. Developing confidence in my ability to protect and grow my retirement nest egg is a great comfort.

Bill Meyers 

I had three objectives in taking the twelve week coaching class.

1) To gain a greater understanding of analytical tools and strategies and how they would assist me in achieving my investment goals.

2) To develop a daily routine and plan to provide a comprehensive and systematic approach to identifying good stock opportunities while at the same time integrate a stop loss process providing downside risk protection on all transactions.

3) To identify and implement a trading style that was complimentary to my investment goals.

Over the 12 sessions I not only achieved those objectives, but gained a far greater understanding and knowledge of charting, free web sites providing relevant detailed information to assist in the research and selection process and direction on a mental process enabling me to more clearly identify in a timely manner ”good opportunities” that fit with my plan.

The format of using Skype and Go To Meeting coupled with excellent instruction from my coach provided a better than a classroom learning environment. Many thanks for a great learning experience.

Bill Crarer

Just a note to thank you for providing me with my forex coach. Since he has been teaching me, it’s the first time over my trading career that my trading account has slowly started to increase in value, instead of decreasing. 

Over these past months I’ve finally started to recognize good potential trades as well as when not to trade. Now that I seem to have gotten the very basics down, my coach is currently working with me to convey his mastery of recognizing alternative counts, diagonals, triangles & complex correctives. 

He is a concise, courteous, professional who goes the extra mile to make sure I am getting it. You should be proud to have such a talented & successful coach on your staff. I feel as I start to recognize & master these more complex movements, I’m finally in the home stretch of becoming an independent forex trader.

Ken Snitz

I started my coaching sessions with my coach in January. His consistent, raw price-action based trading methods really helped my trading results start to improve greatly. 

His explanations are clear and consistent. His explanation about indicators is eye-opening. This simplifies trading, which leads to clearer trading and rapid trading decisions. Yes, I derived a lot of benefit from his teachings and guidance. 

The training structure, with an initial 12 weekly coaching sessions, followed by an additional 15 months of as many subsequent coaching sessions as you can stomach, really helps one through good and tough times, and keeps you focused. 

When changes in market conditions force trading style adjustment, your coach is there for feedback and advice. In addition to continuing coaching sessions, this service provides access to several interactive webinars weekly, giving a broad perspective on live trading and trading subjects. Excellent structure and service.


This program exposes one to many different teachers and approaches, and all types of trading.

They have been very responsive to me, addressing my concerns promptly and I think their focus is really to deliver good product for the student and not simply to make money for themselves. Trading is a complex and often confusing endeavor. 

My coach was able to cut through much of this complexity by teaching me to focus on trading the trend. Not that trading has become simple, but his approach has provided me with a framework which has been very helpful to me in evaluating and trading markets.

D. Mcmillan 

Apply For One-On-One Coaching Today
Experience the power of having a personal trading coach

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Due to some laws in Michigan, we are not able to provide one-on-one coaching to residents of that state. Sorry about that. Please contact your congressman. :)

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