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"How to Make Money Trading Stocks" is your go-to stock trading guide.

The guide offers a strategic trading edge and a systematic approach to stock trading, without the costly emotions that might be holding you back from the success you desire.

This guide is your key to unlocking a treasure chest that will help you navigate the stock market profitably.

Embracing these simple principles will give you a confidence boost, allowing you to make decisions with structure while following a trading plan.

Whether you're a seasoned trader or a newbie, this guide will become your trading plan of choice, and that can make all the difference.
Sell or Buy More?
Systematic method allows
you to follow a plan...
Buy The Stock or Options?
Clear signals with exact
entry and exit points...
Confirmation or Retracement?
Learn what the difference is 
and how to use both methods...
Which Stock Is The Next Big Winner and Will You Own It?
Or Will You Be Left On The Sidelines? Learn How You'll Never Be Left Behind Again. 
These insights will reshape your approach to trading and investing.

The systematic approach laid out, serves as your strategic compass, guiding you away from the usual pitfalls and paving the way for consistent and profitable trades.

Every page is a goldmine that can potentially revolutionize how you trade stocks.

It's also not just about information; it's about actionable insights that can profoundly impact your market approach.

Each chapter acts as a stepping stone, equipping you with the tools and processes to make the best stock trades.

Consider this book your roadmap to financial empowerment, offering not just concepts but practical strategies you can integrate into your trading today.

The goal here isn't just to inform but to empower, giving you control of your financial future with clarity and purpose. 

It's time to level up and navigate the complexities of the stock market with confidence.
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Trend following isn't just about riding the market waves; it's a smart play that hinges on a solid system of risk control and money management.  

TradersPro is the ultimate wingman in your trading adventures. It's like having a trading oracle in your pocket.

Think about it—your time is valuable. And with the power-packed combo of trend following and TradersPro, you're not just making trades; you're making informed moves backed by a robust strategy. 

It's time to level up your trading game, and this knowledge is your ticket to the big leagues.

So, what's your time worth to you? If the answer is "a lot," then it's time to take action now. Dive into the world of trend following, embrace the TradersPro methodology, and let's turn your trading journey into a strategic adventure.

Your future trading self will thank you for it.
Digital Edition
By challenging traditional strategies, trend following helps you stay with market trends.  You will stay in winning stocks longer and get out of losers faster. Learn more now and get your copy of this book. 

8 Chapters of valuable, action specific content.

- Book Excerpt -
Warren Buffett and Ben Graham gave birth to “value” investing by studiously spending hours upon hours digging and sifting through piles of paperwork to find that nugget— that little golden “ah-ha” nugget—and that’s because value investing does work. 

Yes, uncovering every last valuation “fundamental” does work for a group of investors called “institutional investors” because institutional investors already have billions of dollars to throw around. 

They may also have five Harvard grads with their noses in every financial document a company may have, and they are bound to uncover something that determines a possible gold mine. For you, all that information is irrelevant. 

For you and me, it’s about making money, not about being smart or being right. Remember the commentary in chapter 1? We said that institutions move markets and make trends—not you and not me. 

Therefore, we will follow the lead and the lead is always price movement. I’m not completely against knowing things about the companies of the stocks I trade, like what they do and how they do it. I am a business junky and I do like to find out more details about a company, but that information rarely goes into buy or sell decisions.  
"Markets Are Never Wrong - Opinions Often Are"
 - Jesse Livermore
What Is The Market Trend?
Learn to know a bull market 
from a bear market...
What Are The Strongest Sectors?
Learn with sectors to focus on at any time
and in any market conditions...
What Are The Best Stocks?
Learn to find only the best stocks in the best sectors in the best markets...
You Can Trade Stocks Like These
Trade With The Trend
(From Chapter 2) Investors who buy stocks as they are falling in price and sell stocks when they are going up in price are often swimming against the current. While swimming against the current is possible, it’s not very efficient or productive. 

Buying stocks on the way down is a loser’s game and it’s the fastest possible way to separate yourself from your cash. Dollar cost averaging (buying as prices drop, thus lowering your average cost) may work in some cases when buying mutual funds, but when trading stocks it is a very risky strategy to employ. As we move through the next several chapters, you’ll clearly see why.   
Follow a System That Works.  
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