Trade Emini Futures With Sam

Learn the "Futures Accelerator" to grow your account fast.

If you have ever wanted to learn to trade Emini futures now is your time. 

Day trading futures offers a great way to make money nearly every day of the week.  Simply pull money from the market in just a few hours a day then go enjoy the rest of the day doing the things you love.
Learn to day-trade the futures markets with step by step instruction & hands-on support. Your futures trading education is supported in three ways.

1- One-on-One personal meetings with Sam Sonntag.  You will learn the exact ins and outs of the futures markets and the rules to successful trading strategies.

2- Futures Trading Tribe is hosted by Sam Sonntag three days per week from market open to market close. This is a trading community that trades together, learns from each other, and holds each other accountable.
3- Futures Video Library - Dozens of short videos that reinforce what you have learned and offer a great way to quickly review information. New videos are being added each month.

Day trading futures made simple.  You can do this, and Sam can help you. 

Learn the "Futures Accelerator" to grow your account fast.   (More about this on the next page). 


I have been impressed from day one with Sam for patiently listening to the silly remarks and questions posed by his students (me, for one). Never once did he get impatient or irritated. 
No question was too stupid or silly to be answered. He has truly a gift for teaching. Never did he deviate from the purpose of the course; teaching his students the ins and outs of trading. I now regard it a privilege to have had Sam as my teacher, and as time passes this feeling has become only stronger. In his course on futures trading he has simplified this trading and teaches a truly unique system to navigate this tricky market. I consider the money spent on lessons with Sam probably the best investment I ever did.


Sam is a first rate instructor. His Market Profile Level 1 course was a great foundation for me to take the MP Level 2 . The MP Level 2 course opens up various trading strategies based on what is learned during the classes including how to use the profile in your trading. All the strategies in the Market Profile Level 2 course increase your percentage of winning trades. Definitely recommend this course to build your overall trading experience.


Sam is an outstanding trading instructor. I have been struggling in my trading education for quite some time and was about ready to give it up; that is, until I began working with Sam.He has a wealth of market knowledge and the rare ability to teach and transfer his market experience to his students. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is desiring to become a successful trader/investor.


In 6 months Sam Sonntag has streamlined every aspect of my trading. What used to take hours with mixed results now literally takes minutes. In 30 minutes once a week, we can review my current trades, have an overview of the broad markets, do sector analysis and scan a watchlist of approximately 80+ stocks. The best part for me is the criteria is objective, understandable and repeatable by me. Highly recommended!


Save your money on other trading subscriptions and memberships. Tune out all the noise because what you gain from your mentor, Sam Sonntag, is all you need to trade successfully. Investing in Sam is the best and only trading education you will ever need.


I’ve traded a variety of markets for years. I’ve bought too many courses, spent a lot of money and time “learning” to trade. I’ve had one-on-one mentors which I found was the best help I could get. I’ve also used alert services with limited success and in some cases, they were complete losers. Being part of the Trading Tribe group is having your personal mentor during the live market. Sam doesn’t just alert you of a trade setup, which in the long-run doesn’t really do you much good, he is teaching you at every step so you can ultimately trade profitably, with the confidence you are consistently making good decisions on your own. It’s a great feeling to be part of a community of traders, all looking at the same charts and discussing exactly what they see, why and who took the trades. Sam makes trading as simple as I’ve ever seen. Thanks Sam for providing us a place to learn, focus and profit.


Sam, SIMPLY makes trading simple! The biggest challenge most traders have is trying to over complicate Sam's trading plan. If you execute, you'll have consistent success! Most trading coaches want you to stay with them forever while Sam trains you to actually choose trades for yourself by teaching you to be independent of him. He does this by helping you understand his training method to the point that you don't need him. But on the other hand, he's so patient and knowledgeable with over 25 years of experience, that you want to check back with him for little tune ups from time to time. Sam, I can't thank you enough for sharing your system and encouraging me to "Go for it!" You've really changed how I approach the market from a Professional Trader's perspective! 


I have been with Sam for about a year. Sam has gotten me to a point where I don't need constant 1 on 1 training. (Although on occasion I will do 1 on 1 with Sam) I understand the trading system very well. I just need accountability to follow the rules. The trading tribe does this. It also provides a community of traders going through the same struggles that I am. The trading tribe has helped me tremendously on my path to becoming a full time trader. Highly recommend it.


My trading coach Sam Sonntag has helped me determine the style of trading and asset mix that best fit my personality, risk tolerance, and objectives. Could not have done it without my coach's patience, trading and teaching experience, and depth and breadth of knowledge of financial markets.


I have been working with Sam as a trainer for over 2 years. I recently took the Market Profile level 2 class and it has had a significant impact on my trading. The parameters learned in the course are probably best described as additional tools to achieve a higher probability of success. In many cases it's kept me from making a trade and waiting for a more compelling trade. In addition, the course teaches additional tools to utilize, again to help increase your probability of success. I have incorporated all the tools into my practice.


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