Underground Trader Uses This
Weird Niche Pattern To Grow His Portfolio 109% In A Single Year
...In real trading profits… without trading a single option.
Here is a screenshot of my month by month returns:

Dear Reader,

My name is Shane Rawlings. I’m Co-founder of Investiv, a leading investment education company and the parent company of TradersPro.

I’m somewhat of a recluse - and don’t like the limelight. I prefer to trade and work behind the scenes… unnoticed by anyone.
But for the first time ever, I’m breaking my silence. 

Because what I’m about to share with you is too important to your trading success and you deserve to know.

You see, this niche pattern I’m about to share with you is unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen before.  

And for anyone using it, it has an almost unfair advantage over those who don’t.

I believe this pattern holds the key for anyone, regardless of age, gender, education, background, or anything else, to create unlimited wealth in the stock market.

And while I can’t guarantee you’ll achieve triple digit returns in the market...

...What I can guarantee, is to show you how to use this niche pattern to dramatically improve your trading success.

The truth is, this pattern is the key to my own fortune and is responsible for 109% growth in my own portfolio this past year…

...A year that was plagued by:

Trade war rhetoric (ad nauseum)
An inverted yield curve
A potential impeachment
Drone attacks on Saudi oil fields
Turkey invading Syria
Brexit 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0 (I lose track)

And an economy that, according to The Institute for Supply Management’s factory index, slipped to the lowest level since June 2009.

Here’s the thing. When you trade this niche pattern, it doesn’t matter whether the economy is booming, collapsing, or stagnant - you can still create an absolute fortune!

And because this pattern repeats in all financial markets, there’s always an opportunity to compound your money day after day.

Starting immediately, you can use this pattern to trade stocks, bonds, precious metals, oil, agricultural commodities...even currencies.  

And with the many ETFs that exist today, you can do it all right in your traditional brokerage account.

Just ahead, I’ll share with you how you can learn this simple, yet highly profitable chart pattern absolutely risk FREE.

But first a little background. I’ve been trading stocks, options, and futures for the last 20 years - but not always profitably
The Key To Long Term Trading Success
It wasn’t until I learned this niche pattern, and then perfected my position sizing and money management, that my results really took off.

You see, when I was younger, before I really understood risk management, I would risk $1,000 just to make $500. 

Now, if I don’t stand to make at least $5,000, and upwards of $10,000, I won’t even risk $1,000. That’s what separates professionals from amateurs.  

A true professionals would never even think of risking capital unless the potential reward far outweighs the possible loss.

Let me show you what I mean
The chart above shows a recent trade I made in shares of GBTC (Bitcoin ETF). I built a position between 3/21/19 and 3/28/19 at an average cost of 4.76 per share.

Using 4.05 as the price I would exit the trade if the pattern failed (stop loss), meant I was only risking 0.71 per share.

However, based on this predictive pattern, my potential reward was at least 4.50 per share. That’s over 5 times what I was risking.

Now to be fair, I ended up making 3.84X what I was risking because I scaled out of some of my shares on the way up (a technique I use to lock in profits). 

Here's a screenshot of my brokerage account so you know I’m not pulling your leg:
Had the pattern failed, I would have lost $2,800.

But because this pattern is so reliable, the trade worked perfectly and put $13,747 in my pocket in only 36 days.

That’s the thing, when your winning trades generate five, six, and even seven times more profit than what you are risking, who cares about a few losing trades right?

But I didn’t always feel that way.

Before I started using this niche pattern, combined with proper risk management, my losing trades were agonizing.  

Maybe you’ve been there?

That’s why in addition to showing you how to trade this highly accurate niche pattern, I’m also going to share with you my exact money and risk management techniques…

...Techniques that give you the opportunity to earn 5 to 10 times what you are risking. Imagine risking $500, but you end up putting $3,500 in your pocket.

Once you start combining this niche pattern with sound risk management, I promise, your trading fortunes can potentially explode almost overnight.

Here’s what I mean:

The day before I initiated a position in GBTC, this same predictive pattern showed up in shares of Aveo Pharmaceuticals (AVEO) and I knew I had to take the trade.
And I’m glad I did, because this trade generated a 96% gain in only 13 days - resulting in another $14,671 in real trading profits (see below).
These two trades alone put $28,418 real dollars in my pocket in just over 30 days.

Then I generated another $54,147 in real dollars using this same pattern to make multiple trades on Coeur Mining (CDE).

Not to mention countless other big “paydays” in various other trades.

I apologize if it sound like I’m bragging, that’s not my intent. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m very quiet and reserved.

I often say “It takes an incredibly arrogant individual to think they can outperform the market, and an incredibly humble one that actually can.”

You see, I’ve been in the trenches for 20 years. And I’ve had my teeth kicked in more than once.

Do I still have losing trades? Of course, but they’re always small and never a big deal.

I only share my successful trades with you in hopes that you’ll see that trading this niche pattern can forever change your financial future
Mysterious 3-Ring Binder Contains The Most Important Market Discovery In Over 100 Years
By now I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly this pattern is.

The truth is, I didn’t discover it. As near as I can tell, it was discovered in 1935 in the depths of The Great Depression.

But then it fell into obscurity and may have been lost forever, until a mysterious 3-ring binder was found in 1979 containing well over 600 pages of meticulous notes and charts dating back to 1930-1935 detailing how to identify and trade this pattern.

The author of those notes referred to this pattern as “a phenomenon that occurs at a market bottom.”

In those obscure documents, he laid out 6 key points and said: “These are the marks of a selling climax, one of the ‘surest things’ a trader can find in stock price phenomena.”

He also included an exact drawing of the pattern that looked like this:
Concerning this pattern, he said the following:

“In eight out of ten cases wherein each of these specific conditions occurs, a rally, which will provide a worthwhile profit, ensues. In the other two cases, only small losses have to be taken.” 

During the crash of ‘29, there were dozens of false bottoms that sucked traders in, ultimately costing them their entire life savings before the market finally bottomed in 1932.

A trader living during that time period who studied the entire market crash would, in my opinion, be able to distinguish a true market bottom better than just about anyone.

Which is exactly why I believe this pattern is so accurate and can lead to extraordinary profits in a hurry.

It all but guarantees you’ll buy low and sell high. Which is the only way you can make money in the stock market. You have to sell at a higher price than you bought at - period!

I know there are hundreds of gimmicks out there that promise you quick stock market riches and fail miserably when it comes to delivering on those promises.

But trust me, this pattern is the real deal.   

It turns out, the contents of that three-ring binder were closely guarded by a tight-knit group of less than 1,000 traders...

...Who during The Great Depression era, each paid the equivalent of $26,476 to learn about this incredible pattern phenomenon.

Combined, that’s over $26 million in today’s dollars that was paid to learn this secret.

Think about that for a minute. During the worst economic period in our country’s history, fraught with breadlines and soup kitchens, this trading secret fetched a $26 million price tag.   

But then again, how much would you pay for a method that tells you exactly what to buy and when to buy it?

Knowing how to spot this pattern is like having a copy of tomorrow’s The Wall Street Journal - today. 

It provides you the opportunity to earn high double and even triple digit returns - like 96% in 13 days trading AVEO.
Warren Buffet Believes 50% Annual Returns Are Achievable
Consider this: Even starting with $10,000 and doubling it every year swells into a whopping $1,280,000 in only 7 years.

Now maybe that’s not realistic, although some traders have done it even faster. But you don’t have to double your account every year to become incredibly wealthy.

Warren Buffett once guaranteed that he could earn 50% per year, provided he was investing less than $10 million.

So based on what Buffett believes is possible, that same $10,000 grows into $1,297,463 after only 12 years.

No matter how you slice it, this pattern has the potential to make you very wealthy, even if you are starting with a modest portfolio.

So let me cut right to the chase. I consider myself very fortunate to have learned this niche chart pattern, along with a few other trading “hacks” I’ve picked up over the years.

I’ve compiled my absolute best trading techniques, the ones I use over and over on virtually every trade I make, into a one-of-a-kind new 10-volume video series called Alpha Trading.

In Alpha Trading, I personally walk you step-by-step through identifying and setting up high profit, low risk trades using this niche pattern.

These 10 videos are jam-packed with my absolute best profit making techniques - techniques that I use over and over to siphon thousands of dollars out of the market day after day.

Here are just a few of the things you are guaranteed to learn in Alpha Trading:

Video 1 - The Basics:

Because many traders are just getting started, in this video I discuss the difference between trading and investing (completely different mindset). I show you how to read both long and short-term price charts. I even discuss the basics behind shorting a stock or other trading instrument (critical when the next bear market arrives).

Video 2 - Trends:

How to spot major trend reversals. I’ve always said, 80% of your success boils down to catching a big trend early and riding that trend for all it's worth. When you couple this niche pattern with a new long-term uptrend, making money is like taking candy from a baby

Video 3 - Technical Oscillators:

I’ve been trading for 20+ years and I’ve experimented with every technical indicator in the book. Most are complete garbage and useless. But how do you know which ones actually work and how to use them? I answer those important questions in this video and boil it down to 5 simple technical indicators that actually work and can help you perfect your entry technique.

Video 4 - Traditional Chart Patterns:

It’s true that I trade one simple pattern. But understanding other traditional chart patterns (triangles, wedges, flags, pennants, head and shoulders, etc.) has helped me make even more money on winning trades. Case in point: the niche pattern I trade helped me buy gold around $1,272 per ounce. My initial profit target was $1,425. But once gold hit $1,425, it formed a pennant pattern (trend continuation) and so I stayed with the trade all the way to $1,560, grabbing another $130 an ounce in pure profit.

Video 5 - Investor Psychology:

Outside of my “bread & butter” niche pattern, if I could only rely on one thing to make trading decisions, it would be investor psychology. Buffett once said, “be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.” Knowing when investors have become too fearful can lead to huge profits in short order. And knowing when investors have thrown caution to the wind can not only save you thousands of dollars when markets are crashing, but can also earn you a small fortune. In fact, three of the largest trading profits ever made have been when markets are crashing.

Video 6 - Money & Risk Management:

This is where the rubber meets the road. No matter how good this niche pattern is, there are times when it fails. If you take on too much risk and the pattern fails, you might have your head handed to you. But with proper position sizing, losing trades are no big deal. Because when the pattern works, you can often make $4,000 and only lose $500 if it fails. Money management is the most overlooked aspect of successful trading and in this video you’ll learn how to control risk like a true professional.

Video 7 - Fibonacci Support & Resistance:

Most traders are aware of the most common Fibonacci support and resistance levels such as the .382, .50, .618. But certain levels are more accurate than others at identifying major turning points. And then there are “hidden” levels that can be even more accurate, yet most traders don’t even know they exist. But the real magic is combining Fibonacci support/resistance levels with this super accurate niche pattern to earn extraordinary profits.

Video 8 - Behavioral Finance:

There have always been two schools of thought on analysis - Fundamental & Technical. But now there’s a new kid on the block - Behavioral Finance. Only it’s really not that new. Behavioral Finance is the study of all things “investor psychology” and the Founding Father of Behavioral Finance discovered that markets are driven more by psychology than we may care to admit. In this video, I discuss his nearly 100-year-old theory which has been used by some of the greatest traders of all time to earn huge profits and is just now gaining greater popularity - because it actually works.

Video 9 - “The Niche Pattern”:

 This is the “Crown Jewel” of my entire trading approach. In this video, I walk you step-by-step through identifying the 3 key components that exist when this pattern has a high probability of making you a lot of money. I also show you the exact point when you’ll know the pattern has failed and you need to cut your losses and move on to the next trade. This happens less often, but it does happen.

Video 10 - Putting It All Together:

 From A to Z, I walk you through setting up a high profit, high probability trade using my 20+ years trading experience of what actually works. Once you’ve identified the “niche” pattern, I’ll show you how to add 3 to 4 additional confirming indicators to increase your probabilities of a winning trade even more. You’ll also learn several different entry techniques from conservative to slightly more aggressive, as well as where to place your initial stop loss (price you exit if the pattern fails). And how to determine your profit objective.
Once you say yes to my Alpha Trading video series, you can immediately start using my most coveted trading secrets to take your portfolio to the next level.

How much would you pay to learn a simple pattern that could potentially earn you $28,418 in 30 days on two trades like GBTC and AVEO?  

Trust me, those kinds of profits can be yours once you own your copy of Alpha Trading.

My company Investiv, has charged other traders as much as $8,000 to attend online webinars to learn these same techniques and strategies from one of my head instructors.

But I’ve never personally taught all of my trading secrets to anyone.

Alpha Trading is the first time ever that I’ve gone on record teaching all of my most coveted techniques… the exact applications that earned me 109% on my portfolio this past year.

I could easily charge $1,997 for Alpha Trading and it would be a great deal. At $695, it’s a screaming deal.

But I want to give those traders starting out with a smaller portfolio, the opportunity to start winning by using this highly profitable niche pattern as well as other trading “hacks” I’ve picked up over the years.  

So I’m pricing Alpha Trading at only $497. But you won’t pay even pay that much.

Because you’ve been a subscriber to the TradersPro software, or subscribed to one or more of our free investment newsletters, I’m making you a special one-time only offer. And that’s not a marketing ploy. It’s truly a one-time only offer.

And that’s not a marketing ploy. It’s truly a one-time-only offer.

But before I reveal your special one-time-only pricing, let me tell you about an incredible bonus I’m including absolutely free.

Your Free Bonus Worth $1,000

One of the biggest challenges, high-earning traders face every year is they pay gobs of money in taxes.

And recent tax reform changes have made it more important than ever for investors to choose the correct status for their personal situation.

You may have noticed when I shared my monthly returns with you earlier, that I trade through a corporation.
That’s because when the stakes are this high, you don’t want confusing tax regulations to eat away at the profits you earn. 

And my guess is, once you start using this niche pattern in your own trading, you might have a huge tax problem on your hands (that’s a good thing).

That’s why I’ve asked my colleagues at Prime Corporate Services (PCS) to provide everyone who invests in Alpha Trading a free consultation to understand your situation and a complimentary corporate entity to help you potentially realize huge tax savings on your investments. 

You could potentially save thousands on your taxes and overall income by setting up a corporate entity and writing off your trading expenses and up to 250 different deductions.

Heck, even your investment into Alpha Trading BECOMES A TAX WRITE OFF! 

I paid over $1,000 in legal fees (plus State filing fees) twenty years ago when I set up my corporation to conduct my personal trading.

The folks at PCS will assess your individual situation and set up the proper legal entity for you absolutely free. 
You simply pay the state fees and filing fees (varies from state to state).

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter which state you live in, setting up a properly structured legal entity is worth at least $750 to $1200. And you get it absolutely free with no strings attached.  

You just have to pay your state filing fee. 

And if you’re not ready for an entity right now, no problem, it will still be available to you when you are.

So how much does my new 10-volume Alpha Trading home study video series cost?

The first 100 takers today won’t pay anywhere near the regular price of $497. If you hurry, you’ll get your very own copy of Alpha Trading for only $97. And it’s backed by my iron-clad 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Once the first 100 set of Alpha Trading are gone, the price tag immediately jumps to $297 for the next 100 takers, and then $397 for the final 100.

After that, the highly coveted trading secrets found in Alpha Trading will only be available at the full price of $497. Which is still an incredible value, considering the potential earning power you will have once these secrets are in your hands.

But you must hurry. We’ve had over 50,000 people subscribe to the algorithms behind the paid TradersPro software and over 200,000 subscribers to our free investment newsletters. 

So the first 300 sets of Alpha Trading will vanish quickly.

I know you’re going to absolutely love trading this niche pattern, and you’ll love the profits you put in your pocket even more.

But if for any reason, within the first 30 days, you don’t believe this method is right for you, simply call me at 1 (888) 974-9089 or email me at support@traderspro.com and I will immediately refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.

And the free no-strings-attached corporate entity, worth at least $1,000, is yours to keep even if you send Alpha Trading back for a full refund.

Consider it my way of saying thanks for taking a no-risk look at my “bread and butter” trading pattern.

The way I see it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

Even if you send Alpha Trading back for a full refund, you could potentially save $11,456 per year in taxes—once you have the proper legal entity in place.

Click below to guarantee your very own copy of Alpha Trading 
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